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How Miami Marlins are Dealing with No Jose Fernandez

The death of Jose Fernandez still lingers within the Miami Marlins and throughout the baseball community in general. Grief and emotions about his death still remain fresh at large. For the Marlins, it a tough season without their best pitcher.

Last season saw the Marlins end on a low note after they failed for the 13th consecutive year to reach the playoffs. They managed 79 wins and things don’t look much better this year.  Vegas has released their expected win totals and Miami comes in at 77.5.

The question I’m asking, and is anybody’s guess, is how will the Marlins manage to get there in 2017 and the beyond without one of their best starters. It is now over four months since Jose Fernandez died together with his two companions in a boat crash off South Beach. However, the team is yet to come to terms with the reality. The road ahead is an uphill task for everyone. At the time of his death, he was a two-time All-star and the NL Rookie of the Year (2013). His loss is being felt by the whole team.

At the club’s media luncheon at the Marriott, Giancarlo Stanton confided that pressing on without Fernandez this season is something that the team has to contend with. The Marlins will be missing the energy that he brought to the team. Jeffrey Loria, the club owner announced that jersey number 16 will be retired in the new season. To pay tribute to their colleague, the players wore the jersey number 16 for the last time during their recent game where it ended with Dee Gordon hitting a sentimental walk-off home run. The season will also see the Marling wear jerseys with a black patch that has number 16 in remembrance of Fernandez.

Michael Hill, Marlins’ president of baseball operations and his senior staff will have to try hard to put the team in order. My imagination is still unclear on how they will bring in another pitcher that matches Fernandez’s caliber. For the Marlins, with their perennial frugal nature, the task of signing a new pitcher will be a tall order. If they are not ready to splash out the cash, there is a higher likelihood that they will be outbid in their search for a top-of-the-rotation pitcher. Replacing Jose is most likely to involve bring in several newcomers.


During the end season news conference, the Marlins admitted that they did not have immediate answers on how things will turn out this season. The team roster will be without one of its strong links. Michael, however, believed that they will work together to put forward the best possible combination on the field this season. How they will manage this is still unclear at this point.

I foresee the Marlins maintaining their core players which include Dee Gordon, Justin Bour, Mercel Ozuna, Giancarlo Stanton, J.T. Realmuto and Christian Yelitch. But if things don’t work out in its pitching then they might be forced to trade in one of them since there are no prospects from the minor league. In their rotation, they will depend on Wei-Yin Chen, Adam Conley, and Tom Koehler. There is also an option of including David Phelps in the starting mix. I will not be surprised if they also retain Suzuki in 2017. The signing of Martin Prado on a three-year contract as a third baseman seem to be working in their favor.
Outside the pitching, the uncertainty of the ownership of the club will also remain one of the developments to watch out during this season. Some reports indicate Jeffrey Loria, could be potentially selling the franchise in the near future to a New York business man.

Finally, the scandal surrounding the death of Fernandez seems not to be ending soon. The families of his two friends (Eduardo Rivero and Emilio Jesus Macias) have sued Fernandes for negligence and personal injury. Each of the families is demanding a $2 million compensation from the estate of the deceased baseball player. The family, through its attorney has, however, ruled out settlement citing the incomplete investigations.


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MLB Players Most Likely to Be Traded This Offseason

As I began to review MLB players most likely to be traded this offseason, I learned a lot about team friendly deals and who could possibly be on the move. With less free agents available than in recent years, the franchises hoping to improve will have to do so via trades rather than signings.

Major League Baseball is the oldest of the four professional sport leagues in the United States. There are a total of 30 teams, 15 in the American League (AL) and 15 teams in the National League (NL). The organization also overseas the Minor League Baseball organization, which consist of 240 teams.

During the regular season, teams will play 162 games, which begins in early April. They play five to seven days a week and while most games are played at night some take place during the day.

Several networks televise the MLB games, Fox, ESPN and other MLB networks will all feature some action. They are also broadcasted on the radio, internet and internationally.

Player trading in baseball are made both during the season and during the offseason.  The teams are only allowed to trade players, currently under contract, except players that were drafted with the last year. Most teams trade trying to improve themselves, others want to make room for up and coming prospects or to simply shed payroll.  One thing that can make things difficult is the fact some players negotiate to have a non-trade clause placed within their contracts.

This season, there are five players that will most likely be traded this offseason:

* Drew Smyly Tampa Bay Rays
His issues was that his ERA jumped to 4.88 and a career high 32 home runs allowed.

* Brian McCann New York Yankees
He hasn’t had a season above .300 since  year 2008.

* Jorge Soler Chicago Cubs
He has had a bad season, as a defense outfielder, and he struggled with many injuries.

* Jamie Garcia St. Louis Cardinals
He has one year remaining on his contract, and had a bad year in 2016.

* Yasiel Puig LA Dodgers
Over the last two years, his performance has declined and his flashy style, which he started with has diminished.

There are always plenty of deals to be made, but with less quality free agents this year I expect this season to be more active than most.  If a team thinks it has a chance as the deadline approaches, don’t think hey won’t mortgage their future to try and win now.

In some trades, a player may be named later, which sometimes turns out to be a minor league player. This player is included, as part of a trade, when teams are not sure which player they will agree to be traded. However, the player must be named within six months. Money or some other consideration may be exchanged, for the players to be named later.

As Major League Baseball League goes on, every year, there will always be players- who will most likely be traded.

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MLB Teams Looking to Turn it Around This Winter

The MLB or Major League Baseball is the leading professional baseball organization in the United States. In the MLB, there are 30 teams with 15 teams in the American League (AL) and 15 teams in the National League (NL). Out of the 30 teams, 29 come from the United States and one from Canada. Each season 162 games are played. In the postseason, four teams from each league are selected for a playoff tournament which ends in the World Series. The annual winter meeting of Major League Baseball teams began on December 5, 2016. Since then, the meeting has been a flurry of a series of offseason activities, trading and free agent signings.

Let us look at the intense preparations being done by the following teams to come back fiercer and stronger in the upcoming winter season:

  1. Houston Astros: The team is very active and seems to be preparing well for the winter season. The team has signed Josh Reddick and Carlos Beltran. The primary rotation of the team, for the time being, are Dallas Keuchel, Collin McHugh, Mike Fiers, Lance McCullers and Charlie Morton. In the case of any serious injury, Joe Musgrove or Brad Peacock will be ready to fill in. The fans can look forward to the Astros to add one or maybe two starters who can work out of the bullpen. This season the Astros seem to be trending in the right direction and won’t be derailed by an injury or two.
  2. Los Angeles Angels: The Angles possess the best baseball player in the world. However, the team formed around Mike Trout does not look very strong and yielding. To battle the problem, they surely cannot trade their players due to high payroll. The Angels are rumored to be in contact with Stephen Drew, and he can be a surprising part of the team this winter season. Nick Tropeano and Andrew Heaney are still recovering from the last season’s Tommy John surgery. Garrett Richards is however expected to be back.
  3. Oakland Athletics: The Athletics have been one of the worst teams over the past several seasons. They are still preparing for a real comeback this season. Stephen Vogt and Jed Lowrie are available to the team through trade. Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle are expected to join the team when the free agents are signed. Sonny Gray will be a strong part of the rotation. However, it would be more beneficial if the A’s waited until Chris Sale is traded or that the White Sox would not replace him. There are flying reports that the Athletics is planning to build the team around young players like Ryon Healy, Jharel Cotton and Sean Manea.
  4. Seattle Mariners: The Mariners have been very active and have immediately embraced Jean Segura and Danny Valencia as a part of the team. Seattle is facing a bit of dilemma when it comes to building a rotation. Felix Hernandez seems to be getting old in a hurry. Hisashi Iwakuma is also about to be 36. James Paxton seems to be very promising. However, he is facing a lot of health issues. Doug Fister is rumored to be playing for the Mariners this winter season.
  5. 5. Texas Rangers: The AL West champion is planning to put Delino DeSheilds in the center while Joey Gallo or Ryan Rua will be at DH. Thus, Jurickson Profar would be the everyday first baseman. Ian Desmond has been rumored to be a part of the Rangers. Reports are saying that the Rangers are trying to trade for a center fielder.
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Worst MLB Teams of the Modern Era

As I began to review the worst MLB Teams of the Modern Era, I learned a lot about bad play.

While professionals have been playing the game since the late 1800s, the popularity of the sport really began to pick up in the 1920s.  That helped spawn some great stars and some lopsided rosters.  Many of which you’ll find below in our list of worst ever.

For a long time the Chicago Cubs were deemed to be a hopeless franchise.  That all changed in 2016 when they shocked the world and beat the Cleveland Indians for the title.  Many fans think it was well worth the wait of 108 years since their last title.

Here is my list of the worst teams of all time and a brief explanation of why.

* Cleveland Spiders 1899 (20-134, .130)

In 1899, the owners of this team purchased the St. Louis Browns. The Spider’s roster was decimated, sending the players elsewhere., which became the worst baseball team in history.

* Pittsburgh Alleghenys 1890 (23-113, .169)

The Pittsburgh Alleghenys did well between 1882 and 1890, compiling a 441-617 record, finishing above .500- only twice. At the end of the teams life, the owners brought back their former players and reformed the Pittsburgh Pirates.

* St. Louis Browns 1897 (29-102, .221)

In the beginning, the team never won more than thirty games. Thy closed the season with twenty-nine wins.

* Philadelphia Athletics 1916 (36-117, 235)

This team held the record for so many losses for 87 years, until 2003 when the Detroit Tigers came along.

* Boston Braves 1935 (38-115, .248)

The owner, Emil Fuchs, was ousted after he traded away the legendary Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth at this time, could barley swing. Due to his failures, he retired from the team after batting on .181 with six home runs and 72 at bats. Emil Fuchs, was ousted as the Boston Braves owner. The Braves remained a team until 1953, when they moved to Milwaukee and then on to Atlanta.

* New York Mets 1962 (40-120, .250)

This team has a record of 120 losses. Other than having “Marvelous Marvin,” the team was the worst.

* Washington Senators 1904 (38-113, .252)

In 1904, the team couldn’t score or hit. They continued to fail as a team, until 1960, when they moved to Minnesota and became the Twins.

* Detroit Tigers 2003 (43-119, .265)

In 2003, the Detroit Tigers suffered an incredible 38-118 mark after 156 games and it seemed like 120 losses was a certainty.  Then, they went out and won five of their last six games to keep it under 120.  Still, this is the record for losses in a single season.

* Baltimore Orioles 1988 (54-107)

The Baltimore Orioles are a team that has up-and-down with wins and losses, but in 1988, they were the worst they had ever been.

* LA Dodgers 2004 (48-104)

The LA Dodgers had a terrible year in 2004, when they lost the most games in franchise history.

Baseball is a classic game, and many people yearn every year- to be taken out to the ball game. Some MLB teams have terrible rankings, and become deemed as one of the worst teams in modern era.

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Best Miami Marlins Players of All Time

The Miami Marlins have had a surprising amount of success so far in their short history. The team overcame many odds to win a couple of championships in the last 20 years. The Marlins was formed in 1993 and have continued to surprise many people with their winning abilities.

The fan base of this club has been volatile due to them having successful seasons only to dismantle their championship rosters and start on the next rebuild.

It is still a young club compared to others but has managed to win more World Series titles than a lot of other teams. Due to having some World Series championship teams, the club has employed some of the best players in the game.  There are plenty of names that will end up in the Hall of Fame, and this article goes through and looks at some of the best of all-time.

Jose Fernandez
Fernandez played for Miami Marlins as a starting pitcher. He made his debut for the team back in 2008. He is perhaps of the most celebrated starter from this club because he helped in winning a bunch of games for not very good teams during his stay in the club. He won the National League Rookie of the Year award, but his life was cut short this last winter when he died in a boating accident. In his honor, the club decided to retire his jersey number. He’ll be a fan favorite for many as he was a Cuban defector who had a great career after coming to the US.

Miguel Cabrera
Miguel is a Venezuelan who started his career with the Miami Marlins. He made his debut for the club back in 2003 and won many accolades both on his own and together with the team. He has since moved on to the Detroit Tigers, but he’s been even more successful there.  He’s won the AL MVP two times, and is a four-time winner of AL Batting Champion. He has over twenty other awards that he earned for individual effort while he played at the club. He was a regular player for the Marlins for about four seasons since his debut before signing with the Tigers in 2012. No player during his time could come any closer to his hitting techniques which made him a global baseball star.

Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo is an American baseball player who played for the Marlins since getting called up to the show. He made his debut back in 2010 and has been a powerful home run hitter ever since. He is 29 years old and has managed to win several individual and team awards. Many fans love him for his outstanding abilities to hit the ball. He is a three-time MLB all-star and Hank Aaron Award winner in the National League. He has a long way to go with the Marlins after being signed to a new deal which will see him stay for more years with the club.

Gary Sheffield
Gray Sheffield is a retired MLB player. He played with eight clubs in the MLB but his period at the Marlins was the peak of his career. He played multiple positions such as right field, left field and also as a third basemen. He is one player who could fit in any area and produce an outstanding performance. The coach and fans loved home for his abilities to play in any role that was given to him helping the team to titles. Gary is still ranked among the top hitters of all time despite retiring from active playing roles.

There are other notable names of players who have been to the club. The efforts of players like Hanley Ramirez, Josh Beckett, and Derrick Lee among others cannot be overlooked.

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