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Worst MLB Teams of the Modern Era

As I began to review the worst MLB Teams of the Modern Era, I learned a lot about bad play.

While professionals have been playing the game since the late 1800s, the popularity of the sport really began to pick up in the 1920s.  That helped spawn some great stars and some lopsided rosters.  Many of which you’ll find below in our list of worst ever.

For a long time the Chicago Cubs were deemed to be a hopeless franchise.  That all changed in 2016 when they shocked the world and beat the Cleveland Indians for the title.  Many fans think it was well worth the wait of 108 years since their last title.

Here is my list of the worst teams of all time and a brief explanation of why.

* Cleveland Spiders 1899 (20-134, .130)

In 1899, the owners of this team purchased the St. Louis Browns. The Spider’s roster was decimated, sending the players elsewhere., which became the worst baseball team in history.

* Pittsburgh Alleghenys 1890 (23-113, .169)

The Pittsburgh Alleghenys did well between 1882 and 1890, compiling a 441-617 record, finishing above .500- only twice. At the end of the teams life, the owners brought back their former players and reformed the Pittsburgh Pirates.

* St. Louis Browns 1897 (29-102, .221)

In the beginning, the team never won more than thirty games. Thy closed the season with twenty-nine wins.

* Philadelphia Athletics 1916 (36-117, 235)

This team held the record for so many losses for 87 years, until 2003 when the Detroit Tigers came along.

* Boston Braves 1935 (38-115, .248)

The owner, Emil Fuchs, was ousted after he traded away the legendary Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth at this time, could barley swing. Due to his failures, he retired from the team after batting on .181 with six home runs and 72 at bats. Emil Fuchs, was ousted as the Boston Braves owner. The Braves remained a team until 1953, when they moved to Milwaukee and then on to Atlanta.

* New York Mets 1962 (40-120, .250)

This team has a record of 120 losses. Other than having “Marvelous Marvin,” the team was the worst.

* Washington Senators 1904 (38-113, .252)

In 1904, the team couldn’t score or hit. They continued to fail as a team, until 1960, when they moved to Minnesota and became the Twins.

* Detroit Tigers 2003 (43-119, .265)

In 2003, the Detroit Tigers suffered an incredible 38-118 mark after 156 games and it seemed like 120 losses was a certainty.  Then, they went out and won five of their last six games to keep it under 120.  Still, this is the record for losses in a single season.

* Baltimore Orioles 1988 (54-107)

The Baltimore Orioles are a team that has up-and-down with wins and losses, but in 1988, they were the worst they had ever been.

* LA Dodgers 2004 (48-104)

The LA Dodgers had a terrible year in 2004, when they lost the most games in franchise history.

Baseball is a classic game, and many people yearn every year- to be taken out to the ball game. Some MLB teams have terrible rankings, and become deemed as one of the worst teams in modern era.