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MLB Players Most Likely to Be Traded This Offseason

As I began to review MLB players most likely to be traded this offseason, I learned a lot about team friendly deals and who could possibly be on the move. With less free agents available than in recent years, the franchises hoping to improve will have to do so via trades rather than signings.

Major League Baseball is the oldest of the four professional sport leagues in the United States. There are a total of 30 teams, 15 in the American League (AL) and 15 teams in the National League (NL). The organization also overseas the Minor League Baseball organization, which consist of 240 teams.

During the regular season, teams will play 162 games, which begins in early April. They play five to seven days a week and while most games are played at night some take place during the day.

Several networks televise the MLB games, Fox, ESPN and other MLB networks will all feature some action. They are also broadcasted on the radio, internet and internationally.

Player trading in baseball are made both during the season and during the offseason.  The teams are only allowed to trade players, currently under contract, except players that were drafted with the last year. Most teams trade trying to improve themselves, others want to make room for up and coming prospects or to simply shed payroll.  One thing that can make things difficult is the fact some players negotiate to have a non-trade clause placed within their contracts.

This season, there are five players that will most likely be traded this offseason:

* Drew Smyly Tampa Bay Rays
His issues was that his ERA jumped to 4.88 and a career high 32 home runs allowed.

* Brian McCann New York Yankees
He hasn’t had a season above .300 since  year 2008.

* Jorge Soler Chicago Cubs
He has had a bad season, as a defense outfielder, and he struggled with many injuries.

* Jamie Garcia St. Louis Cardinals
He has one year remaining on his contract, and had a bad year in 2016.

* Yasiel Puig LA Dodgers
Over the last two years, his performance has declined and his flashy style, which he started with has diminished.

There are always plenty of deals to be made, but with less quality free agents this year I expect this season to be more active than most.  If a team thinks it has a chance as the deadline approaches, don’t think hey won’t mortgage their future to try and win now.

In some trades, a player may be named later, which sometimes turns out to be a minor league player. This player is included, as part of a trade, when teams are not sure which player they will agree to be traded. However, the player must be named within six months. Money or some other consideration may be exchanged, for the players to be named later.

As Major League Baseball League goes on, every year, there will always be players- who will most likely be traded.